Business before pleasure

David Fitzsimons facilitated a Chinese trade delegation meeting in London.

“In China we like to have dinner first and do business second. In Britain, it is business first and dinner second.” This was how David Fitzsimons reported back from the first of two sessions he facilitated on 7 July at the BEIS conference centre on Victoria Street, London. Later, he presented on “Remanufacturing, the backbone of the circular economy”.

The Department for International Trade (DIT) and Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) made senior level presentations revealing that DIT has over 200 staff located in China developing closer trading relationships. In November 2017, the UK will have 'Country of Honour' status at a large trade exhibition in Shanghai, at which the opportunities will be promoted to sell new low carbon technologies in response to new Chinese regulations.

And taking to heart the advice from his own facilitation, in the evening David Fitzsimons co-hosted a dinner at a prestigious club off Whitehall for many of the Chinese trade delegation - as well as for invited clients including representatives from IBM. 

Contact David to talk about the work Oakdene Hollins is doing with the Chinese on remanufacturing.

Simon Strick