Supply chain facilitation for Eco-Design innovation

David Fitzsimons used the concept of product stewardship as the foundation for a highly productive supply chain event.

In mid-July 2017, working with a leading manufacturing company, we facilitated a whole supply chain meeting. During the one-day event, disassembly of the product led to questions about how to improve future designs and revealed on-going innovation in the supply chain that could improve its circular economy performance.

The meeting was held at a top-class innovation venue in north west England. Above all, the group demonstrated why product stewardship can work so well. These were people who lived and breathed the design, manufacture and marketing of the product and its components. By the end of the day, unrealistic ideas had been parked leaving a practical list of challenges and actions for everyone in the supply chain – on the understanding that if the lead manufacturer succeeds in attracting more customers, everyone gains.

Contact David if you would like to find out more about product stewardship.

Simon Strick