Is the European Remanufacturing Council 'State-of-the-Art'?

Today David Fitzsimons will be speaking at the P4G Summit 2018 in Copenhagen where the European Remanufacturing Council, run by Oakdene Hollins, has been shortlisted for the State-of-the-Art Partnership Award.

We are very pleased to announce that the European Remanufacturing Council has been nominated to be among the final three candidates for the award. David, who is the Council's Director, will be presenting the work of the Council to around 500 delegates in the hope of winning their votes for the circular economy award.

If we are successful, there’s a presentation to Heads of State tomorrow and the honour of the award.

Keep tuned in for any future developments.


Unfortunately, the European Remanufacturing Council didn't win the award, but it was great to be nominated and a pleasure to attend the conference. The award was well earned by Next Wave Plastics for organising businesses to take out ocean plastics and putting the waste plastic into supply chains. A very worthy winner.

Jake Harding