The IPCC spotlight on the circular economy

The IPCC Special Report released on 8 October has flooded headlines in the past week. While the media has focussed on the looming threat of climate disasters and the IPCC’s position on the energy sector, we’ve noticed that the report highlighted the circular economy as a key area of improvement across the world.

The report highlights the need for speed of change, the “composition of the mitigation portfolio” and the management of the transition phase. As experts in the circular economy, over the years Oakdene Hollins has helped clients successfully implement and manage changes to their supply chains, production systems, service offerings and business models.   

What's more, according to the IPCC, collective action is the key to limiting global warming: “International cooperation can provide an enabling environment for [ambitious actions] to be achieved in all countries and for all people." As circular economy experts we share this view, which is why we work with companies and organisations across Europe to enable circular economy thinking in many challenging areas. That we set up, and run, the European Remanufacturing Council (the only cross-sectoral body dedicated to tripling the value of Europe’s remanufacturing sector to €100 billion by 2030) is testament to our belief that circular economy actions, co-operatively realised, are key to sustainable growth.

If your company is wondering what IPCC report can mean to you, contact us for a two-hour free circularity check delivered by one of our circular economy experts.