ReMaTec Amsterdam

Remanufacturing is the new place for vibrant innovation challenges.

Remanufacturing has long been a misunderstood and underestimated part of the €30 billion European remanufacturing sector inside the circular economy. Car components sold to the aftermarket is one of the most vibrant parts of the sector and ReMaTec in Amsterdam is the place to meet. But we are working with RAI, the venue organisers, to change this emphasis on vehicles. David Fitzsimons chaired a session during the opening ceremony of people from other sectors where remanufacturing is growing, aircraft, medical instruments and digital. IBM was on the panel. IBM is a member company of the new Brussels-based European Remanufacturing Council, managed by Oakdene Hollins.

We aim to make ReMaTec a place for a far wider group of those interested in remanufacturing and we aim to make it clearer that remanufacturing is not about merely keeping old technology in use – but is a place of vibrant innovation challenges. To help draw in new audiences we are focused less on academics and engineers but instead we have adopted a character – Rodney Copperbottom – from the Hollywood film Robots. One day we may even see a Robots II film made to promote the cause of the circular economy.

The three-day event was a success and we were pleased to agree in principle to establish an MOU with a Shanghai-based partner. We will announce the details of this later.

Contact David Fitzsimons for more information.

Simon Strick