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Catch up with what we think is a good read.

David Fitzsimons is reading "The Circular Economy: A Wealth of Flows", available from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The book, by Ken Webster, describes the consequences a circular economy has for employment, education, finance, money and production and how it creates a shift in policy and taxation. The CE model brings the prospect of rebuilding natural capital and resilience.

This second edition of the book contains a new chapter on the role of digital, and the final chapter has been re-written because, according to the author, a new and attractive economic model is no longer just desirable but is a matter of urgency.

Since the first edition was published in 2015, pressure on resources has been steady. More than ever, as David comments: “The circular economy is where we should be headed as it is a model for economic prosperity.” The book includes a contribution from our good friend Walter Stahel from the Product-Life Institute, Geneva.

Simon Strick