Deposit Refund Systems – Webinar

What might be the consequences of a DRS in Scotland or England? Find out from this webinar.


Many millions of people in Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and elsewhere pay a small deposit when buying their drinks containers. The deposit gets refunded - or given to a charity - when the empty container is returned.

There is to be a deposit refund system (DRS) in Scotland, and possibly one in England. David Fitzsimons facilitated an hour-long webinar for the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management to discuss the issues. He brought together Sara Bergendorff from Returpack AB in Sweden, David Barnes from Zero Waste Scotland and Steve Read from West Sussex County Council.

Click to hear the webinar.

David Palmer-Jones at SUEZ has been saying for years that the only element missing in the UK to introduce a DRS is political leadership. It seems this has arrived, so if you are now wondering whether plastics or cans or glass should be included, what other products (batteries, bulbs, beds, bubblegum, toys or paints) might be subject to extended producer responsibility schemes and what might be some of the unintended consequences for local authorities, there is something for you in the discussion.

Simon Strick