Sustainability is the answer for good night's sleep

"Is this a question?" was the famous examination problem handed to philosophy undergraduates at Oxford many years ago.

Bed manufacturers ask themselves - is a bed better if it is made from naturals or technical fabrics and fillings?  They are not alone in responding to the same questions over and over again.

Bedmakers Silentnight have just won a prestigious industry award. They beat Harrison Spinks, Herman Miller and Senator International to do so. Inspired by the story told by Billy Connelly, the Scottish comedian, of swimming in the North Sea wearing woollen trunks, Silentnight started to compare themselves less against other bed makers and more with Nike, Adidas and Patagonia - who have world class sustainability credentials and long ago stopped using wool to make swimwear. Instead these companies innovate daily to develop high performance fabrics in combination with a few traditional materials.

Silentnight won the sustainability award by comprehensively improving not only their business processes but also the questions they ask themselves.

In the Oxford University exam one student was awarded a first. "If that is a question, then this is an answer". Brevity and simplicity deserve recognition. We are pleased to count Silentnight amongst our clients.

Simon Strick