Pallite have surpassed their funding target, now with less than a week to go!

What comes to mind when you think of a pallet? Wood? Plastic? Presumably, paper doesn’t spring to mind, but we think it should. Pallite are changing the way we think about pallets.

Throughout human history, a major gateway to innovation has been though engineering. Pallite have utilised engineering and ingenuity to produce a strong, lightweight honeycomb lattice of paper. So strong, it can be used in transit of goods as a rival for wood and plastic. So light, it can allow savings of up to 83% on transit packaging weight and, in so doing, 37% reduced carbon emissions.

We think this is something to be impressed by. Clearly, so do many others, as we saw Pallite pass it’s target of £1,000,000 investment on Crowdcube with nearly 2 weeks to go (at the time of writing, 115% of required investment has been received with less than a week remaining). With a growth of 77% in the previous 5 months, this investment is no surprise.

In our work with Pallite we reviewed their LCA, claims and data to solidify their environmental credentials. We also provided technical information in a clear, concise manner for use by their marketing team. We are always happy to collaborate with green innovation, and we believe that Pallite are innovators with an environmental focus. A perfect fit.

Congratulations to the entire Pallite team, we look forward to seeing you grow in future and help improve the environmental credentials of product transport, a cornerstone of our economy.

Jake Harding