EV batteries powering ahead

On the 20th and 21st of June the EV Battery Summit will be held in Munich. This event is a chance for key industry stakeholders to discuss trends, concerns and opportunities that face the sector. Oakdene Hollins’ Owain Griffiths will be presenting to car and battery manufacturers, policy makers and technical providers on high-level policy oversight on the barriers and opportunities for remanufacturing of batteries for electric vehicles.

Although the exact route to 2030 is unknown, there has been significant European Commission regulatory activity into both the EV battery and circular economy of late.  Owain and the Oakdene Hollins technical teams have been working with members of the European Remanufacturing Council and manufacturing clients from across the EU to identify the most profitable solutions for dealing with these challenging times.

Ten research topics are to be released on 18 June which have been identified by Oakdene Hollins and the European Remanufacturing Council members as requiring action.  There is an open invitation to the best universities across the world to collaborate with industry partners to help remanufacturing triple to €100bn across the EU by 2030.

If you cannot make the trip to Munich but would like to understand the policy pressures for EV battery remanufacturing and/or would like to know more about the remanufacturing sector's research topics, please get in touch with Owain at owain.griffiths@oakdenehollins.com