Lobbying the Ellen MacArthur Summit

David Fitzsimons lobbies for the innovation agenda for remanufacturing in the circular economy at the EMF Summit at the RoundHouse London.

It isn’t just what is said – it’s the way it’s said. And at the RoundHouse it was the sound system and lighting rig that added a new dimension to this “must attend” annual event. The actors delivering short pieces between sessions and the invitation to the public to join the packed auditorium after 6pm all added to the sense that this was edgy and a long way from the traditional academic conference format it might have been.

The presentations on economic and social history verged on proposing radical alternatives to capitalism and must have made some of the corporate sponsors wonder where they were… and why they were paying their sizable subscriptions. But, without a doubt, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Summit is a place where conversations are enabled, business is done and new ideas created. Great for our managing director to have been involved and to lobby again for the innovation agenda for remanufacturing in the circular economy.

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Simon Strick