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Yale’s Journal of Industrial Ecology: “Exploring the Circular Economy".

We enjoyed working with Nancy Bocken during her time at TU Delft. Nancy was part of the European Remanufacturing Network and demonstrated her extensive knowledge of the sector including its potential to create new business opportunities.

Nancy Bocken et al authored a short but useful article “Exploring the Circular Economy” in the June 2017 edition of the Journal of Industrial Ecology, Volume 21, issue 3. It is a useful guide to which of the many excellent articles to select first in the special edition of the Journal focused on the circular economy. There are articles highlighting the risks of keeping residual hazardous additives in circulation – in wood, plastics and rubber products in particular – balanced with articles on the potential for new business opportunities in the circular economy.

Our job at Oakdene Hollins is to help businesses find these opportunities, research them thoroughly and then help implement the business development opportunities. It's not only our job: it's also our pleasure: almost every material and every product presents opportunities, and the excitement begins when the value is uncovered.

You can read the article here. Enjoy it, and then call us!

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