First uses of lead and zinc

Dr Nia Bell presented the results of our report on the first uses of lead and zinc to the Industry Advisory Panel of the ILZSG.

The International Lead and Zinc Study Group held its 57th IAP meeting in Lisbon on 26 April, and Dr Nia Bell, Technical Consultant at Oakdene Hollins, presented the results of her findings for the market study on the metals' first uses.

The IAP convenes biannually to present detailed short-term market forecasts for lead and zinc, and to look at the main opportunities for growth in the lead and zinc markets.  Nia's report, which is a compilation of data on and analysis of the main first uses of lead and zinc in 15 European countries between 2005 and 2015, is one of the fundamental studies on which the discussions have come to rely.

Her presentation is available here from the ILZSG.

Simon Strick