CER 'highly commended' by TheCirculars 2018

Oakdene Hollins is delighted that the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture has been chosen by TheCirculars 2018 as a highly commended entry.

Oakdene Hollins set up the European Remanufacturing Council in Brussels in January 2017. The good news about the commendation for the CER follows on from the first formal meeting of the member companies in Paris on 27 November, at which members had an opportunity to explain why policy makers could spur the transition from material recycling toward product life extension through remanufacturing.

Instead of collecting used products to shred them, recover materials and claim a recycling rate, there is a big resource efficiency gain from using remanufacturing processes to keep products or their components intact and extend their life. Though remanufacturing is currently seen as a niche economic activity, it has the potential to become much larger. In Europe it is valued at €30 billion and near 2% of manufacturing activity. The OECD once played a crucial role in growing material recycling rates from as low as 2% to a more normal rate of 50%. Imagine if the OECD could once again define a pathway, this time from material recycling to product life extension.

The CER, headed by Oakdene Hollins and with its commendation from TheCirculars 2018, is well set to take up the challenge.

Simon Strick