Innovation is a conversation: Oakdene Hollins is taking part

The Knowledge Transfer Network is creating a tool to manage and promote innovation.

The KTN works closely with companies that create commercial value from innovation across the whole UK economy. Now KTN people are working with other innovation experts to create a guide to help them support business more effectively, and to help business to innovate more successfully.

As the KTN says, “innovation is not a linear process. Instead it is a continuous conversation between three facets of a successful business: a customer/market need … a product or service … and the business capabilities that enable the delivery of the product/service."

Wherever an innovative idea originates, there is an ebb and flow in real-world innovation processes, and the final solution emerges from the three blocks of the conversation.

The KTN helps companies by connecting them with knowledge and people who can help them overcome any gaps, and by combining in-depth expertise across the UK’s industrial sectors by linking people in different specialist fields, such as Oakdene Hollins in the Circular Economy space. It’s now working on a framework that poses the questions that a company must address to manage the innovation process: the ‘Innovation Canvas’. It’s a work in progress, but feedback so far suggests that it’s a useful tool.  It has not yet been tested live, and the KTN is now looking for comment - please contact Frank Boyd or for more information follow this link.

Simon Strick