Recycling project shortlisted for Sustainable Future Achievement Award

GWR's Uniform recycling project has been shortlisted for a British Quality Foundation Award 2016.

Kate Riley of Uniform Reuse has been working with Great Western Railway (GWR) to find sustainable alternatives to sending uniforms which are no longer needed to landfill.

She is thrilled to announce that GWR entered the project for a British Quality Foundation Sustainable Future Achievement Award, and the work has been shortlisted as one of the finalists in this category.

Having re-branded from First Great Western to GWR, the company tasked UniformReuse, which is operated by Oakdene Hollins, with finding end of life disposal routes for uniforms worn by approximately 3,600 frontline customer facing staff. The company was looking for reuse and recycling options which are sustainable and have a positive social impact.

The work is almost complete and a variety of routes have been set up. Uniform Reuse will announce more details in the coming weeks.

If you have workwear you need to dispose of, and would like to find a socially and environmentally responsible alternative to landfill, get in contact with Kate Riley or visit the Uniform Reuse website.

Simon Strick