Mattresses: springing to action on the circular economy

The National Bed Federation has invited David Fitzsimons to speak on the circular economy at its Spring Forum.

The National Bed Federation is holding its 2016 Spring Forum on 12 May, and has asked Oakdene Hollins' MD David Fitzsimons to talk about how bed mattresses might be targeted by circular economy policies.

Oakdene Hollins has just completed an update of the Mattress Recycling Report for the NBF, who are 'early adopters' of circular economy thinking and are embracing the need for it in the industry.

The UK bed market includes a much higher fraction of high-value, multi-material mattresses than in the rest of Europe, where foam mattresses are the norm.  Despite the difficulties for mattress recycling and energy recovery that this creates in the UK, the NBF is leading the way in Europe on product stewardship in the circular economy - with support from our research and consulting staff.

Visit the NBF website for details.

Simon Strick